Reasons To Travel in 2021!

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So, ‘why’ should we be travelling in 2021?   This will be different for everyone but the more and more conversations we have with our loyal clients, the more it is evident, that travel in 2021 will not just be frivolous or ‘just because’.  Travel, this year will have a reason or a purpose behind it.

At the moment (late Jan 21), we’re still not too sure about the when, but Boris has promised to give us a further update on 22nd February, so not too much longer to wait.  One thing that we know for sure is that the appetite to travel is huge.  

And, as for the ‘how’, just leave that to the team at Haslemere Travel.  That is what we are experts in….ensuring that you’re every need is taken care of, that you are fully informed, fully financially protected and that there is always someone who cares about you and your booking (no call centres here!).

Travel For HUGS!

Humans thrive of physical connections and hugging is one of the most powerful ways to show physical support.  I’m sure, like us, this is something you have dearly missed in the past year.  We can’t wait to not only see, but hug, our nearest and dearest…….we’ve missed them so so much!

It tuns out that hugs don’t just make us feel good, they also have a real, physiological benefits to our health, including reducing stress levels, improving heart health, boosting self esteem and reducing pain (that would be those feel good hormones – endorphins)

So, when the time is right, let us help you arrange a trip to see the family and friends that you have missed the most, so that you can give them a great big HUG!

Travel With FRIENDS!

We have all managed to stay in contact with our closest friends, through the wonders of modern technology, but there will never be enough Zoom cocktail classes or quiz nights that can replace a trip with friends.

This might be a spa weekend, a golfing/tennis short break, a few days wandering around the museums or galleries of your favourite city, a private villa with a few families or simply a few nights away with your bestie just enjoying each others company.

Let us help connect you with your friends again – we have plenty of ideas.

Travel For Your Own WELLBEING!

This past year has been a huge strain on everyone, from our children and grandchildren, who have been superstars, adapting to schooling from home.  Our frontline workers who have worked tirelessly to fight the Covid battle directly.  Our key workers who have helped to turn the cogs of industry and to all of those in between who have either been working from home, or supporting their family members, who have – you are all awesome! 

The impact however on our mental health must not be ignored!

We hope that you are all being kind to yourselves and taking a little bit of time, each day to look after your body and mind.  For some this may mean keeping up with a strict exercise program and for others it might be finding a quiet corner and curling up with a good book.  Whatever this looks like to you, please don’t forget to make it part of your daily routine.

At Haslemere Travel, we work with so many hotels and destinations that take wellness to the next level.

We work with hotels that have dedicated wellness programs that tackle body & mind detoxing, stress management, improving fitness, enhancing immunity, improving digestion and spiritual growth.  We also work with yoga retreats, trekking companies,  yacht charters and gastronomy experts.  Please do chat to us about your next wellness travel experience or how we can help you incorporate wellness, into your next holiday.

Having something to look forward to, now matter how far in the future that is, will do wonders for your wellbeing.

Travel Your Bucket List!

We always thought that when you worked in travel and travelled a lot, that your ‘travel bucket list’ would get shorter, but its quite the opposite…the more you see, the more you want to discover.

This past year has had us dreaming of all the missed travel opportunities and new destinations that we can’t wait to explore – have you been dreaming too?  

Tell us what is at the top of your ‘travel bucket list’?

Travel To Isolate!

An interesting concept that we are starting to explore for many clients, is the desire to travel, but to also feel isolated.  

It’s been such a long time since we have experienced crowds of people, that wanting to holiday without the masses, is understandable.

If it’s a boutique hotel, private island, self contained villa or a remote cabin, miles from anywhere, we know just the right places.

For all your travel requirements in 2021 and beyond, please call us on 01428 658777 or get in touch via our Contact Us page.

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