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Which passport stamp are you most proud of? 
Easter Island

Where was the comfiest bed? 
Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris

Where did you have the best meal?

Chicken cooked in bamboo and fresh barbequed fish from a river on the banks of a river in the Borneo Jungle

Where did you have the best cocktail/wine?

Vodka Martinis at the Jesselton Hotel in Kota Kinabalu. (Sadly no longer there).

Room with the most memorable view? 

InterContinental Hong Kong. Never tire of the views of Victoria Harbour, night and day.

Most romantic hotel? 

The pool villa at Ritz Carlton Mandapa, Ubud.

Best in-flight meal? 

Never a big fan of aeroplane food, but the bento box served in Emirates Business Class on their Japan services deserve a mention.

I never forget to pack… 

A good book.

The travel book I wish I had written…

The Casuarina Tree by Somerset Maugham

My dream travel companion would be…

A full time nanny to look after my son.

If I won the lottery…

Would buy a luxury submarine and hide under the Arctic Ice until the dust settles.

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