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Which passport stamp are you most proud of?

Fiji Islands

Where was the comfiest bed?

Beds in the Captains Suite on The “Sunbourne Yacht” 

Where did you have the best meal?

Restaurant “The Coal Pot” in Castries St.Lucia

Where did you have the best cocktail/wine?

Savannah Hotel In Barbados with “Roger”, the Star cocktail mixer” drinking his special BBC’s

Best view?

Hotel Park Hyatt Sydney

Most romantic hotel?

Turtle Island Fiji

Best in- flight meal?

British Airways First Class

I never forget to pack… 

A Sulu ( Sarong) and antiseptic cream

The travel book I wish I had written would be…

Out of Africa-by Isac Dinesen

My dream travel companion would be….

My husband of course!

If I won the lottery….

I would Travel the World and back with all my family and friends and live life chilling!

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