Coastal Kerala

Marari Beach which forms part of the CGH Earth group of hotels is a wonderful place to relax after a week or two of touring around Kerala, Southern India. With a traditional Ayurvedic Spa and organic home grown vegetables and

Zulu Battlefields

Isandlwana Lodge in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa, has been lovingly created in total harmony with its surroundings and from its fantastic position on the iNyoni Rock where Cetswayo, the Zulu king, oversaw the battle of Isandlwana when the British

Relaxing Both Mind & Body

Many of us who travel like to pay a visit to the spa at our chosen resort, whether it be for a relaxing massage, pedicure for our jet lagged feet or just a dip in the hot tub, but not

Tropical Romantic Hideaway

At 1000ft above sea level and nestled between the steep sides of Grand and Petit Piton volcanoes, Ladera is one of the world’s most exclusive hideaways. This unique resort nestled in lush tropical forest amidst St Lucia’s famous volcanoes boasts

Peru – The Realm of The Incas

The most direct way to reach Peru, although it may not seem so, is via Madrid into Lima. On Susie’s recent trip to this magnificent country, she then flew onwards to Cusco which is located approximately 3,300m above sea level.

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